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Change of location

For years now XDISC S.A. has been keeping the pace with growing customer expectations, providing for an excellent product quality, attractive prices and short lead times. It wouldn’t have been possible without a constant development of the company, as well …

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Convenience is a priority

We do our best to ease cooperation. Every customer is supported by a personal advisor, who provides possible solutions and is responsible for the arrangement and fulfilment of the order. The status of the order can be followed on-line. All …

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Concern about customers’ time and money

We ensure attractive prices and short lead time. Our offers are always tailor-made to suit our customers’ needs. We handle an entire process from the production of optical discs, graphic projects, packaging, disc printing, to assembling and delivering the final …

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There are no limits

We are able to deliver all requests made by our customers – including the most extraordinary ones – irrespective of the volume, type of print and package.

Guarantee of supreme quality

The quality is controlled on every stage of production. Invariable high standard of service and production assure: professional team of over 80 specialists, own production lines and state of the art facilities.

Shortly about us

We have been present on the optical media market for over 10 years. Our offer covers the whole range of optical discs: CDR, CD, CD mini, DVD and Blu-Ray. We are proud of having over 1 000 customers in Europe …

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